Aleks Hammo is a Philosopher, Podcaster/Interviewer, Public Speaker, and Mental Health Advocate.

Aleks' videos have reached over 20 million users across Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. He also regularly hosts interview-based public events and podcast episodes with prominent public figures, academics, artists, and musicians.

Aleks has interviewed:

One of the history's most influential Philosophers: Peter Singer

Two of Australia's foremost Public Figures: Abbie Chatfield & Flex Mami

One Former Australian High Court Judge: Michael Kirby

More about Aleks:

Aleks Hammo


BA Honours in Philosophy (AI Ethics)

The Australian National University

2022 - 2023

BA in Philosophy (First Class Honours)

The University of Melbourne

2018 - 2020

Philosophy (First Class Honours)

University College, London


Law and Philosophy (First Class Honours)

King's College, London


Law (Honours) and Biomedical Science

Monash University

2015 - 2017

Aleks Hammo


Video Content Creation

October 2021 — Present

Since late 2021, Aleks has created videos on topics in Philosophy, Culture, and Mental Health. Aleks' content has received over 1 million likes, and has reached over 20 million users across TikTok, Instragram, and YouTube.

Beginners Philosophy with Aleks

March 2021 — Present

I teach my own pay-what-you-can-afford Beginners Philosophy Course. As of February 2023, over 500 students have taken the course.

Lost in Thought Podcast

March 2018 - Present

Lost in Thought is a podcast about philosophy, politics, and mental health. Aleks has interviewed over 100 eminent public figures, artists, politicians, academics, comedians, friends, and parents.

What I Do When I'm Not Depressed: