Aleks Hammo is a Digital Creator, Podcaster, Public Speaker, Published Writer, and Mental Health Advocate.

Key Facts about Aleks:

Aleks' content has reached over 20+ million people, with 25+ thousand followers across major platforms

On the Normal Podcast, Aleks has released over 100 episodes about mental health, society and culture, and philosophy. Podcast guests include:

1x Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People: Peter Singer

2x Australia's foremost Public Figures: Abbie Chatfield & Flex Mami

1x Former Australian High Court Judge: Michael Kirby

1x Official New York Times Philosopher: Simon Critchley

1x His Mum 💕

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Aleks Hammo


Normal Podcast

August 2023 — Present

After 5 years working on his previous podcast, Aleks has started anew with an exciting new podcast called "Normal." Normal Podcast explores what is and isn't normal about modern life with reference to scientific and philosophical literature.

Beginners Philosophy with Aleks

March 2021 — Present

Aleks started a non-for-profit pay-what-you-can-afford Beginners Philosophy Course. As of September 2023, over 500 students have taken the course.

Lost in Thought Podcast

March 2018 - 2022

Lost in Thought was Aleks' first podcast about philosophy, politics, and mental health. Aleks has interviewed over 100 eminent public figures, artists, politicians, academics, comedians, friends, and parents.

Aleks Hammo


BA Honours in Philosophy (First Class Honours — Thesis on AI Ethics)

The Australian National University

2022 - 2023

BA in Philosophy (First Class Honours)

The University of Melbourne

2018 - 2020

Philosophy (First Class Honours)

University College, London


Law and Philosophy (First Class Honours)

King's College, London


Law (Honours) and Biomedical Science

Monash University

2015 - 2017